Presidents Day: Why Can’t We Nominate Our Own President? We Can, We Are

“Clearly, the Status Quo parties fear and loathe anyone who isn’t dependent on their power with every fiber of their rotting, corrupt, neofeudal being.”



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Why can’t the American public nominate their own candidate for president? It turns out we can, and are doing so for the first time in American history.
If the last 12 years have revealed anything, they have shown beyond reasonable doubt that both Status Quo political parties in the U.S. are hopelessly, ruinously corrupt and thus beyond any reform or redemption. We all know why: it now takes millions of dollars to run costly mainstream media election campaigns, and the only source for contributions of that scale is the financial/corporate Elite.

It doesn’t matter how you arrange the taxonomy of the financial aristocracy that rules the nation or how you subdivide it–old money, new money, family money, corporate money, etc.– the bottom line is these campaign contributions are viewed by the aristocratic donors as investments that yield gargantuan returns in tax breaks, subsidies, bailouts, sweetheart contracts, “get out of jail free” cards for the shadow banking system, and so on.

In Social Fractals and the Corruption of America (February 8, 2012) I wrote:

Clearly, the tax code is both legal and completely skewed to the very wealthy and politically powerful. $100,000 is still a fairly significant contribution in politics, and if that contribution ends up yielding a tax break that gains the donor $1 million in lower taxes, then that donation earned a 10-fold “return on investment.”

Longtime correspondent Kevin K. described the reality from personal knowledge:

I had an old boss (I won’t mention his name, but he is worth over $100 million) that actually tracked the ROI (Return on Investment) of every dollar he gave politicians.

By the mid 90′s there was no better “investment” out there with a better return than “giving perfectly legal campaign contributions”. Because of this, his “contributions” kept getting bigger and bigger (they are huge now, with much of the “perfectly legal campaign contributions” hidden by giving to PACs (political action committees) and funding things the politician wants funded rather than writing checks to a re-election fund that has a paper trail.

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