Hypocrisy Abounds! The Anti-Capitalist Group Occupy Wall Street Bank Statement Shows Lots of Capital – A $99,000 Balance to Be Specific



The Daily Caller has obtained a copy of a December 2011 bank statement mailed to Occupy Wall Street, the  anti-capitalist protest group whose leaders’ rallying cry positions them as  defenders of America’s less-privileged “99 percent.” But the organization’s bank  balance in December may instead re-cast the occupiers as defenders of the  $99,000.

The bank statement was mailed to the organization at a box rented in a UPS  Store on Fulton Street in lower Manhattan. On the Dec. 30 closing date, Amalgamated Bank reported $99,549.58 in the account,  including $23,120 in deposits during that month alone.

Amalgamated is owned by the Workers United labor union.

TheDC has also obtained copies of two December statement pages from a second bank account owned by an  Occupy Wall Street-affiliated organization called Friends of Liberty Park. Those  pages show records of nine checks and ten cash withdrawals, all signed  by Pete Dutro, the group’s leader and Occupy Wall Street’s  financial manager at the time.

While the materials clearly reflect two separate bank accounts, only the last  two digits of their nine-digit account numbers are different. TheDC has redacted its  copies of the documents to remove those account numbers.

Sources who provided TheDC with copies of the bank statements also  provided a copy of meeting minutes from a Feb. 17 gathering of an Occupy Wall  Street subgroup called “OWS Reform.” Notes taken during the meeting include an  observation that the Friends of Liberty Park account “went from $310,168.74 at  12/01 to $147,040.15 at 12/30,” reflecting a loss of more than half the  account’s value during the month of December.

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