RedState’s Erick Erickson: Illinois’ Rep. Adam Kinzinger Is A ‘leadership flunky’ – Conservatives Should Back Don Manzullo

Adam Kinzinger - House Debates Payroll Tax Extension Plan

Adam Kinzinger had not become a tea party leader, but a leadership flunky.  His voting record is a disappointment.


Ouch!  A leadership flunky.  Adam, that had to hurt.  Erick Erickson had some rather harsh words to say about the freshman Representative from Illinois.


It was the first major vote that separated the men from the boys.  It showed who the fiscally responsible were and who the fiscally irresponsible were.  Eric Cantor himself had co-sponsored the same Blackburn measure three separate times.  But this time, the tea party had the votes to actually get it passed.  So Cantor led squishy Republicans to the Democrats.  And our debt soon went up to over $15 trillion.

Standing with Marsha Blackburn and the conservatives wanting to cut the size and scope of Washington was Congressman Don Manzullo of Illinois.

Following Eric Cantor across the aisle to join the Democrats was Adam Kinzinger, who campaigned as a tea party congressman intent on reducing Washington.  His vote showed clearly he really did not mean it.

Illinois has redistricted Manzullo and Kinzinger into the same district.  Yesterday, Eric Cantor endorsed Kinzinger.  Conservatives better fight back and support Manzullo.

The day before Adam Kinzinger and Eric Cantor walked across the aisle to join the Democrats, Kinzinger went by himself.  On February 17, 2011, the House voted on a measure to strip from the budget an earmark requested by Nancy Pelosi for San Francisco.  Pretty much every Republican in the House of Representatives, including Eric Cantor and Don Manzullo both, voted to strip the earmark from the budget.

But Adam Kinzinger joined Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and even Barney Frank to give Nancy Pelosi the money she wanted.  They lost the vote.

RedState supported Adam Kinzinger in 2010 against Debbie Halvorson.  The whole of the tea party in Illinois went to bat for the young veteran who said he would go fight for the tea party in Washington.

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