Our Country Is in Danger! Obama to Shut Down Southern Air Defense Systems: “It Will Be Open Season for Terrorists Flying In With Nukes, Low Altitude Missiles, Or Even Full Scale Invasion of America”

Posted by Dottie MacQueen

In his quest to allow as many illegal immigrants in the U.S. as possible, Obama has decided to close our Southern Air Defense System.  This puts our country in great danger, since drug traffickers, smugglers and  other assorted criminals and terrorists will feel freer to cross our southern border.

Obama has had assistance by those who want to erase our southern border, especially, the progressive think tank,  Migration Policy Institute. It just so happens that  one of its goals is to dissolve our national sovereignty.  What better way to do that than by destroying our defense system, thereby allowing anyone to cross the southern border and who has absolutely no allegiance to our country.

However, we know that with progressives, unintended consequences always happens.  While trying to destroy the country’s sovereignty by diluting our population with illegals (for the sole purpose of achieving more Democrat votes, I might add), a nuke-carrying terrorist can also cross the border.  Our country is definitely in danger!






(SHTFPlan) via CAV News

As the U.S. government continues to expand surveillance and monitoring systems to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars within the borders of the United States, a recent announcement regarding the country’s southern air defense systems is raising eyebrows.

Our southern border is, in part, protected by the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS), which utilizes moored balloons hovering at about 15,000 feet to identify low flying aircraft and missiles that may penetrate the border and cross into U.S. airspace.

The system is utilized by the U.S. Air Force, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection for a number of missions including detection of drug smuggling and preservation of the air sovereignty of the continental United States.

According to Exelis Systems Corporation, the company that built and jointly maintains TARS with the U.S. Air Force, the government has ordered a complete shutdown of Aerostat flight operations:

The government also indicated its intent that aerostat flight operations will cease on March 15, 2013, and that the remainder of the fiscal year will be used to deflate aerostats, disposition equipment, and prepare sites for permanent closure. We are currently reviewing all the details of the RfP and evaluating the possible impacts on the program and our workforce. We continue to communicate with the government on this matter, and we will have more information in the coming days and weeks.

An Exelis employee close to the TARS project had this to say about the closure of the sites:

“Not only will this closure mean hundreds of people will be out of jobs, but it also means our borders will not be safe, especially along the remote U.S. Mexico Border like in Texas.

These defense radars detect low flying aircraft infiltrating our borders.

Without these defense radars, low flying aircraft will go undetected.

It will be open season for any drug/gun/slave smugglers, terrorists flying in with nukes, low altitude missiles, or even a full scale low elevation invasion/attack against America.”

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