Obama’s Justice Department and Its Double Standard on Hate Crimes

It’s difficult to say that Lady Justice is blind in the Justice Department after watching white victims not receiving their due justice when the offender who is non-white is never prosecuted.

It does seem, however, that it is always much easier for the DOJ to prosecute white offenders when the victims are non-white. Eric Holder told his department in Feburary 2009 that “we are a nation of cowards” and as far as I am concerned, that little phrase opened up a window into Eric Holder’s soul.  That picture of his soul is not pretty but then neither is everything that has happened over the past two and half years at the DOJ.

Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute does not directly speak of Eric Holder in his article below but he does present the many times these double standards have occured in the DOJ.  It is clear that all American citizens are not getting a fair shake from their nation’s top attorney.

(CEI) – The Obama administration has a double standard on hate crimes. When the victim is black or Hispanic, they prosecute the alleged offender. When the victim is white, they don’t. This violates constitutional equal-protection guarantees, which forbid discrimination against whites, except for certain bona fide affirmative action programs in employment, education, or contracting.

As a former Justice Department civil-rights lawyer notes, the Criminal Section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division does nothing when the victim of a hate crime is white:

“when the victims of racial violence are white, nothing happens.

When a mob of black savagely attacked random whites at the Wisconsin State Fair earlier this summer, the Section did nothing. When a similar riot occurred at the Iowa State

Fair in August 2010 — where bands of black teens organized a “beat whitey night” — the Section once again did nothing. Last month, still another flash mob of blacks beating whites took place in Philadelphia, yet the Section did nothing. The same is true near Pittsburgh and in Ohio.

Just like the outrageous dismissal of the New Black Panther Party case, there is a pervasive hostility in this administration to bringing cases on behalf of white victims.”

By contrast, if the victim is non-white — like an undocumented immigrant from Mexico attacked in Pennsylvania — the Justice Department prosecutes; in the Pennsylvania case it obtained guilty verdicts in federal court against two white teenagers who had previously been found not guilty of hate crimes and most other charges in Pennsylvania state court. (We previously discussed the danger that the recently-broadened federal hate-crimes law will be used to prosecute people who have previously been found not guilty, resulting in potentially unfair convictions, and circumventing constitutional safeguards against double jeopardy, at this link. Depending on how broadly it is construed, the federal hate-crimes law could also end up restricting free speech in cases of alleged incitement.

The double standard is itself the product of an increasingly politicized Justice Department, whose ideologically-driven hiring patterns (and discrimination against moderate and conservative applicants in hiring) under the Obama administration dwarf any partisan hiring in the past.  Continue reading

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