The Progressive/Communist/Socialist/Great Society Role In Destroying the Black Community Over the Decades

Pajamas Media, Mary Grabar, writes an excellent article on the politcally far-left’s role in playing the race card and destroying the cohesiveness of the black community.  More articles like this one needs to be written to shine the light on the real reason the black community has struggled over the past  decades – liberals using black people as pawns to further their agenda of anti-capitalism.

As the black middle class grew after World War II, radicals had to resort to increasingly absurd claims to make the charge that things were getting worse. Ignoring the statistical evidence, they scoured the ghettoes and trotted out the criminal and down-and-out black as representative of black America. The influential white writer Norman Mailer valorized the black criminal in his 1957 pamphlet “The White Negro.”

The prisoners and “disadvantaged” are still used as illustrations of the evils of our capitalistic system by those like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. And to criticize profiteering black spokesmen, like Al Sharpton, is to invite charges of racism. It is to the benefit of the left’s political cause that the “disadvantaged” remain disadvantaged in perpetuity.

Those who are not “disadvantaged,” who do not need their “help,” are vilified. Self-made men, the “bourgeoisie” like Herman Cain, are dismissed with charges of “racial self-hate” or as pawns of the white, ruling capitalists. While Cain might identify with the Tea Party — indeed he shouts it from the rooftops — the Tea Party will be called “racist,” “reactionary,” and “fascist.”

Paul Street, co-author of Crashing the Tea Party, said just this on Progressive Radio recently: the Tea Party has “fascist” tendencies, is “reactionary,” and because of its largely white membership, is “racist.”

For evidence of historical use of the racism charge by the left, consider the 1953 pamphlet by Hugh Bradley: “Next Steps in the Struggle for Negro Freedom: Report Delivered at the National Conference of the Communist Party.” Bradley criticize the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, claiming that President Walter White’s address:

… emphasized the major weaknesses and most negative features of the 44th Annual Convention of the NAACP — the capitulation by the top leadership to the Eisenhower Administration and an orgy of Red-baiting which reached a level never before equaled in any Negro gathering. … [The explanation] is to be found in the composition of the Convention and its leadership, made up as it was of the Negro middle class and petty-bourgeoisie. … The Negro workers in the main were absent; progressives and Communists, in the main, were absent … the only spokesmen claiming to speak for labor at the Convention were primarily a handful of Trotskyites and Social-Democrats.

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