New World Order Coming to You Soon, Compliments of Former Soviet Union Chief Mikhail Gorbachev




Judi MacLeod of Canada Free Press explains how the world is giving birth to a New World Order via OWS at this very minute.


(Canada Free Press) – Even in the accumulated debris, there’s a miracle for the masses to be found in the formation of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) ongoing revolution.

Information of origin is everything.

As well jackbooted as any army marching through history, OWS was put in the parks to pave the last road leading to New World Order (NWO)—a fact revealed by one of its primary masters, former Soviet Union chief Mikhail Gorbachev.

To a mostly non-listening world, Gorbachev sent out his message last month before a standing ovation crowd of 3,600 at Lafayette College in pastoral Easton, Pa.; the first promised Progressive change made manifest before an unsuspecting world. (

Down at Zuccotti, the ushers of NWO still looked like harmless hippies when Gorby was making his bombshell announcement at Lafayette.

No longer the province of conspiracy, the NWO, not so long ago only barbarians at the gate,  moved kit and caboodle—unnoticed by the mainstream media—into the city park.

The first collective action of the New World Order happens today with the promised 3 p.m. EST shutdown of New York’s subway system.  But the dawn of the NWO is no longer only the preserve of the Big Apple, there will be anarchy ‘events’ today in 100 countries.

Few paid attention back on September 17 when the first assembly of no-mission OWS were painting each other’s faces and practicing Yoga at Zuccotti Park.  How were we to know that the decades long vision of the global elite to capture world masses was no longer a dream of humanity’s far away future, but the New World Order moving boldly into city parks?

Only one month later, Gorbachev, who in spite of never denouncing Communism, clearly defined OWS to an academe audience whose cheers were ear-splitting.

In typical Marxist/Communist dialectic,  Gorbachev attempted to blame America for creating its own “global American empire”.

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