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Russian Newspaper Pravda – Obama the Chicken is Being Plucked

President Barack Obama-PFR-004042.jpg

by Mark McGrew, special thanks to Pravda’s English editor, Dmitry Sudakov.

January 29 through the 31st, 5% of the sheriffs in America are in Las Vegas Nevada, learning how to tell the Federal government agents to pack sand and get out of town. 20% of the 50 United States of America have been presented with lawsuits and or legal filings challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama to be on the ballot for the 2012 election.

Congressional representative Allen West summed up the American people’s feelings for the Obama administration today when he told Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to, “Get the hell out of The United States of America!”. His talk can be seen here.

Ten people will be murdered today in Mexico with guns provided to drug cartels by Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General. Politicians are calling for him to resign. Resign??

There is enough evidence presented to Congress to arrest him and prosecute him for an Act of War against the nation of Mexico, accessory to murder of thousands of innocent citizens in Mexico and America as well as the murder of United States Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Resign?? Besides sending illegal guns to Mexico, Holder and his associates sold guns to criminal street gangs inside the United States where the guns will be used inside the United States. It will take years to find the thousands of guns these criminals sold to killers.

Eric Holder and his criminal operatives in his office and the Department of Justice need to be dragged out in handcuffs, jailed with no bail and put on trial with a jury of American citizens who are not federal government employees.

Like a dead chicken being plucked, Obama has lost his power and his support. Six months or so ago, French President Sarkozy called Obama, “Insane”. Other world leaders have publicly called him incompetent and other derogatory names.

Since then, major news in America has been slowly, quietly, as if testing the waters, pointing out Obama’s faults and crimes. Little by little they are feeding America, and the World, the truth about the man they fought so hard to cover up for these past four years. Feather by feather, the chicken known as Obama, is being plucked. The most hated psychopath on Earth and his administration are going to be thoroughly plucked, gutted, tossed in an oven, cooked and devoured. And like any dead carcass with no use, Obama and his faithful supporters will be thrown onto a garbage heap until they rot to nothing.   Continue reading

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REO-to-rentals Another Fed Subsidy for Big Investors and Select Banks. Federal Reserve Looking to Engineer Yet Another Bailout for Key Banking Allies. Fed Acknowledges 12,000,000 Homes with Negative Equity.

homes with negative equity


Dr. Housing Bubble

The Federal Reserve recently came out with an unprecedented analysis directed to the Committee on Financial Services regarding various methods to improving the housing market.  The paper is striking because it magnifies how little was learned from this banking and housing debacle.  One of the big recommendations centers on creating a “REO to rental” program by facilitating bulk sales to large investors.  Ironically the Federal Reserve by bailing out select banks has allowed home values to remain inflated thus causing this backup in inventory to emerge in the first place.  Setting that obvious point aside, let us examine the merits of an REO to rental program.

REO bulk sales to select groups – Fed picking winners and losers again

The paper at least acknowledges the reality that there is an enormous amount of REOs on the market.  The Fed only discusses visible REO data but the shadow inventory is much larger:


The paper mentions the following:

“Although small investors are currently buying and converting foreclosed properties to rental units on a limited scale, large-scale conversions have not occurred for at least three interrelated reasons.”    Continue reading

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Obama Eligibility Challenges Spread to 6 States – One of Which Is Illinois



World Net Daily

An administrative law judge in Georgia could decide as early as this week whether voters in the state convinced him Barack Obama’s name should be removed from the 2012 presidential ballot because he is not qualified to hold the office.

But win, lose or draw, the fight isn’t going to be over, as other cases are erupting across the nation, with challenges being raised anew even in Obama’s own adopted political network in Illinois.

The Georgia hearing was before Judge Michael Malihi, and while none of the lawyers who appeared in the proceedings was willing to predict what the decision will be, several did confirm that Malihi had considered simply granting them a default victory, because Obama and his lawyers expressly stated they would not participate in a hearing to provide evidence that he is qualified to be on the ballot.

A default presumably would have meant a recommendation from the judge that Obama’s name be stricken from the ballot, a decision which would head for review immediately by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

He, however, was the one who warned Obama of the “peril” of not participating in the hearing when Obama and his attorney had asked that the event be canceled.     Continue reading

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Latest Congressional Budget Outlook For 2012-2022 Released, Says Real Unemployment Rate Is 10%

Zero Hedge

What do the NAR, Consumer Confidence and CBO forecasts have in common? If you said, “they are all completely worthless” you are absolutely correct. Alas, the market needs to “trade” off numbers, which is why the just released CBO numbers apparently are important… And the fact that the CBO predicted negative $2.5 trillion in net debt by 2011 back in 2011 is largely ignored. Anyway, here are some of the highlights, but here is the kicker: “Had that portion of the decline in the labor force participation rate since 2007 that is attributable to neither the aging of the baby boomers nor the downturn in the business cycle (on the basis of the experience in previous downturns) not occurred, the unemployment rate in the fourth quarter of 2011 would have been about 1¼ percentage points higher than the actual rate of 8.7 percent”- translation: CBO just admitted that the BLS numbers are bogus and real unemployment is 10%. Thank you.
Read article here.

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Senator Grassley Says Obama is Behaving Dictatorially, ‘usurping legislative powers’

Really! What was your first clue, Senator Grassley?


The Daily Caller

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley accused President Obama of dictatorial  behavior in a floor statement Thursday, saying that his recess appointments were  not the first acts he has taken to circumvent the constitutional system of  checks and balances.

“President Obama’s decision to bypass the constitutional advice and consent  of the Senate is not an isolated incident,” Grassley said, according to prepared remarks. “It is merely the latest escalation in a  pattern of contempt for the elected representatives of the American people and  the constitutional separation of powers.”

Obama appointed Richard Cordray as the director of the Consumer Financial  Protection Bureau while the Senate was in recess, after the Senate indicated  that they would not confirm his nomination.

Grassley accused the president of “usurping legislative powers” by overriding  and working around Congress when possible. This, Grassley argues, is in  violation of the Constitution.

“Having had their rights violated by a king, our Founding Fathers  intentionally put the power to make laws in the branch of government that is  most directly accountable to the citizens,” the Iowa senator said.

Grassley pointed to Obama’s appointment of “czars” in issue areas, whom he  said tread on the role of Congress, Obama’s “unilateral pursuit of climate  change” and his use of the “Race to the Top” program, which Grassley said  allowed him to impose the federal government’s rules on the states.

“On the other hand, when Congress has passed legislation the President  doesn’t entirely agree with, he has announced, while signing them into law, that  he won’t implement the parts he doesn’t like,” Grassley said. For example, Obama  instructed the Department of Justice to not appeal court rulings against certain  portions of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Read article here.

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More Housing Market Corruption – Freddie Mac Bets Against American Homeowners

Homeowners lose again.




This story was co-published with NPR News [2].

Freddie Mac, the taxpayer-owned mortgage giant, has placed multibillion-dollar bets that pay off if homeowners stay trapped in expensive mortgages with interest rates well above current rates.

Freddie began increasing these bets dramatically in late 2010, the same time that the company was making it harder for homeowners to get out of such high-interest mortgages.

No evidence has emerged that these decisions were coordinated. The company is a key gatekeeper for home loans but says its traders are “walled off” from the officials who have restricted homeowners from taking advantage of historically low interest rates by imposing higher fees and new rules.

Freddie’s charter calls for the company to make home loans more accessible. Its chief executive, Charles Haldeman Jr., recently told Congress that his company is “helping financially strapped families reduce their mortgage costs through refinancing their mortgages.”

But the trades, uncovered for the first time in an investigation by ProPublica and NPR, give Freddie a powerful incentive to do the opposite, highlighting a conflict of interest at the heart of the company. In addition to being an instrument of government policy dedicated to making home loans more accessible, Freddie also has giant investment portfolios and could lose substantial amounts of money if too many borrowers refinance.   Continue  reading

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Shock Article: Bioethicists Suggest Killing Someone With ‘No Autonomy Left’ Is Not Morally Wrong

Bioethicists vs The Ten Commandments


This is certainly a topic we should not be discussing at all but we are.  Will religious leaders stand tall against this evil topic?

“Silence in the face of evil is in itself evil.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German Lutheran Pastor who stood with the German resistance

The Blaze

What has Glenn Beck so fired up that he said on his radio show “If this doesn’t wake your a** up this morning, then nothing will?” How about this quote from prominent bioethicists comparing killing a human being to pulling weeds from a garden.

Two bioethicists — one from Duke University, the other from the National Institute of Health — bring up the question “What makes killing wrong?” in the latest issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics. Using their definition of killing, the authors conclude if the person is “universally and irreversibly disabled” and has “no abilities to lose” then killing them to take organs for donation in order to save the lives of others should not be considered morally wrong.

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, a professor of practical ethics from Duke, and Franklin Miller, a senior faculty member in the NIH Department of Bioethics, state in their abstract ”What makes an act of killing morally wrong is not that the act causes loss of life or consciousness but rather that the act causes loss of all remaining abilities.“ They argue that if no abilities remain then the ”dead donor rule,” which is the ethical practice that a person must be declared dead before removing vital organs, should apply to patients whose hearts have stopped and are being removed from a respirator.

Continue reading

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Florida Rep. Allen West Being Redistricted Out of Existence in Effort Led by Romney Florida Spokesman

Allen West


Legal Insurrection

The establishment is fighting back, alright.

This has not received a lot of national attention, but the Republican legislature in Florida is about to push through a plan which puts Allen West at serious risk, and the person leading the effort is one of Mitt Romney’s spokemen.  As reported by The Shark Tank:

“After last night’s [Jan. 26] Republican Presidential debate, the candidates’ respective spinmeisters made their cases to the media as to why their guy won the debate.  One of Governor Mitt Romney’s spokesmen was Florida Representative Will Weatherford, and during the course of his remarks in the “Spin Room”, he shed a very dim light on the ongoing redistricting process in the Florida Legislature….

West’s congressional district inexplicably sheds the most out support as compared to all other incumbent Republican and Democrat Congressman. A few weeks back we quoted an unnamed legislator saying that, “Allen West was screwed”, a statement which was originally made about made five months before the purposed maps were made public, leading insiders to believe that the fix was in against Allen West.  But in light of Weatherford’s comment, it is increasingly clear that this is a fait accompli.

According to Weatherford, those preliminary maps will not change- at the most, any additional changes would be minimal, and those changes would not make any appreciable difference from the preliminary maps.  In addition, Weatherford stated that a deal was struck between him, Senate President Mike Haridopolos, and Senator Don Gaetz to finalize these maps and push them through as soon as possible.   Continue reading

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‘We Will Not Comply’: Catholic Leaders Distribute Letter Slamming Obama Admin Contraceptive Mandate


Catholic Letter Denounces Health Care Contraceptive MandateProtestants and Jews must stand with the Catholics on this issue!

The Blaze

We’ve covered the Catholic Church’s ongoing battle with the Obama administration over contraception health care mandates for quite some time. Over the weekend, though, the stand-off took an unusual turn, as Catholic churches across America read a letter to congregants that perfectly encapsulated the church’s stance against the impending federal requirements.

The Church’s vocal arguments against the Obama administration are centered upon a Health and Human Services Department requirement that employers must include contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in health-care coverage. While this requirement doesn’t apply to houses of worship, it will force Catholic colleges, hospitals and other Christian groups to provide these drugs despite their faith-based opposition to them.

Many of these organizations, despite not being, themselves, churches, are intrinsically rooted in religious belief systems that stand firmly opposed to medications and procedures that would terminate the life of an unborn child. These deeply-rooted moral codes, which drive the groups’ work, will be impeded, Catholic leaders say, should the Obama administration continue with its planned mandate.

Recently, the federal government made one small concession surrounding the requirement, as officials decided to give church-affiliated hospitals and organizations another year before they will be forced to comply with the coverage restrictions.

“In effect, the president is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences,” Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, recently said.

Continue reading

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Illinois – The Nation’s Economic Canary in the Coal Mine

FOX Business

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